(photo by Frank Mortimer)

Farther Down the Road

My family reached a milestone recently when our youngest daughter got married. For the occasion, I made a slideshow with pictures of the path leading to this point and wrote a guitar piece titled "A Fork in the Road" to underscore it. We showed it at the reception and so many people were moved by it that I thought I'd share it here. Since many of you won't know the people in the pictures, I'll let you choose whether you want to just hear the piece as a stand alone or watch the YouTube video and hear it with the pictures. The music is really fun to play, so as a special gift this month, you can download the sheet music for free if you want to try playing it. Thanks for visiting my site. — Mark

Stay Free. Stay Strong.
A musical reflection for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 

My friend Ray Sewell helped me produce this video using some wonderful photographs from Lorie Burningham and others.   After organizers of the Foxboro Remembers 911 Commemoration saw Mark's 911 Tribute video, they invited him to play the song from the video, "My Country Tis of Thee", at the September 10 ceremony honoring former Foxboro resident Michael McGinty and the others who died at the World Trade Center.
Download “A Fork in the Road” sheet music.Videos_files/A%20Fork%20in%20the%20Road.zipVideos_files/A%20Fork%20in%20the%20Road_1.zipshapeimage_2_link_0